Weekly Weigh In #2

Monday, January 16, 2017

It is week two and we are making some progress!!  I am down 2.2 pounds from last week!  It is a relief because week one I was not budging at all on the scale, despite a major cut down of calories on my part.  People swear by the calories in/calories out (CICO) method of losing weight, and I suppose they aren't all wrong.

Week two has gone fairly smoothly, I am happy to report.

Still logging my food daily!
I'm on a 15 day streak!  I even bit the bullet and logged all of my over indulging that happened on Sunday :(  I was over my daily allowance by nearly 400 calories because I got a craving for sweets and was feeling very low blood sugar-ish and starving and ate a Hershey bar, oreos and 3 shortbread cookies.  Sugar addiction is real, y'all.  Then the chicken I was to cook for dinner was still frozen come 5:30 pm, so we called Papa John's pizza.  Trying to keep the perspective though, a pre-food logging Natalie would have pigged out all the meals and been maybe 1000 calories more than this just because 'it was the weekend and I'm going to treat myself'.  I would have been able to post an extraordinary loss today, had I not pigged out yesterday - my lowest weight this week was 288.4 (wha!!?!).  As they say, weight loss isn't linear.  I am happy to be down from last week and plan to stay the course for this week.  

Out to eat was a win!
I felt like a normal person who manages their weight on Friday.  We made a dinner plan to have Olive Garden, and I willfully ate light for breakfast and lunch so that I could get a reasonable entree and TWO bread sticks at the OG.  Icing on the cake, I was too full to even eat the whole thing, so I had a light Olive Garden lunch for Saturday.  The idea that I need to be deprived in order to be successful is being disproved day by day.

Valuing Consistency
I am trying (and succeeding I think) to focus on being consistent above all else.  It helps me to get back on track after a screw up day of cookies and pizza.  Past attempts I was too focused on perfection and needing to get it right every day, every calorie to the point when I eventually get off track (happens to the best of us!) I just gave up and went back to my old ways of doing things.  Yes I ate too much on Sunday, but my goal was to just track everything, so I am still winning.  It balances out too, because today I am totally still feeling full from yesterday, and it is 2pm and I've only had 590 calories for the day and am not hungry at all.  I will likely be under my goal for today and Sunday will be a wash.  

I lost weight!
Consistency paid off because I did well on the scale.  It feels pretty good.  Not thinking about the long road ahead, but just enjoying the now, and feeling proud of myself.

This week on the 'It could have been better' segment:

If Sunday hadn't happened, that would have been good.
I am really not trying to beat myself up over the Sunday calorie bomb.  All things considered, 400 calories is no big deal at all.  The bummer is that the fat/salt/sugar/whatever caused a jump from the 280's back into the 290's.  It's okay though, this week I am going to be comfortably within the 280's and God willing, never see a 29_ on the scale ever again!

Trulicity, blessing and curse
I give credit to Truclity for approximately 75% of my success.  I feel 'full' on less food, and I don't get major cravings to overeat that rival a drug addiction.  I started the first two weeks on a half dose and i just took the week 3 full dose Saturday morning.  Boy can I tell the difference!  My stomach just feels kind of uneasy most of the day and the heartburn is a new and unpleasant treat.  I am probably just adjusting, and eating pizza didn't help.  Either way, I am not feeling the greatest, so my plans to get back on the rowing machine this week are being foiled.

Weekend water consumption is hard.
During the work week we have unlimited access to bottled water and coffee.  So thanks to that, I am getting in at least 4 bottles a day, then another 2 at home.  Weekends, if I have 3-4 bottles of water, that is high.  I know the jury is still out about how water may or may not be doing anything much for losing weight, but I would just feel better if I were getting maximum hydration daily.  Something to work on!

Don't be calorie obsessed
It was Friday night at the Olive Garden and Aaron was there with his eyes glazing over as I was talking about 'Did you know the bread sticks are 140 calories?  I thought they'd be more.  My entree is 590 but I guess if I were only eating half I could have had the non-light entree.  Those are all around 1100 calories.  The salad is 140 too, i think it is the dressing.  Did you know the meatless entrees are about 200 less calories than the meat ones?'  This is how my A.D.D. mind works when I am hyper-focused to the point of obsession about something new.  It isn't bad to be super into calorie counting when you are on a new diet, per se, it just makes you a terrible dinner companion(sorry, Aaron!).  But I know me, and I know my patterns and this is indicative of being super excited and committed at first only to give up weeks later.  I want to keep on an even keel and have the attitude of 'this is just me living a normal life where I maintain a healthy weight, nothing to see here' and not the 'so excited about this, gonna crush those pounds, lets do it 110% forever yay, now I'm bored, I need excitement, what's the next project to get excited about, oh yeah I was supposed to be losing weight.'  I just want this time to feel (and be)completely different than the failed times. When I see myself getting into my old ways, I want to screech the record player to a halt and get myself on the better trajectory to success.  I have vowed to not talk about calories to Aaron again unless it is something truly interesting or noteworthy.

Truth be told, I had to think kind of hard about things to work on for the week.  Looking back everything felt mostly smooth sailing.  Here is hoping week three is more of the same.  I have my brother's birthday celebration this week, so I need to plan ahead for that cake consumption.  Otherwise, I am looking forward to the 280's next Monday! :)

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