Weekly Weigh In #3

Monday, January 23, 2017

Has it been three weeks already??  Last week FLEW by.  We had MLKJr. day, which I was stuck at work, boo.  Then Wednesday was crazy, we were having terrible weather so I was delayed two hours getting to work.  Later that evening we got together for my little brother's birthday, yay.  Then Friday I was just in a funk due to the inauguration and all that.  Then the weekend went fast, as it always does, and here we are.

Good things for this week:

I lost weight!  

By some miracle from God, I am down on the scale this week.  288.6 this morning after a week AND weekend of indulging.  It was not my finest week in the calorie counting game, so I am thinking I am going to be paying the piper come next week.  I am happy to be in the 280's though, so I am hoping a good week of staying on track will keep this downward trend going.

Still tracking!

I'm on day #22 of consistent logging in to My Fitness Pal and tracking my food.  I tell you, it is a challenge to log those things you wish you hadn't eaten but did.  I made a promise to myself that everything good, bad, ugly, and in-between was getting logged and I am trying to embrace that.  In the moment it sucks, but I am glad that I can go back through the week and see what I ate and try to figure out why.  Was I having a frustrating day?  Was there just opportunity since I didn't plan well?  Yes and yes.

Less puffy overall

I am not swimming in my clothes or anything yet, obviously.  However I do feel like my stomach area is a lot less puffed out as usual, and my wedding rings slide on with less force.  Always feels good to notice a change!

I am getting great at restaurant eating

I am not proud to report, but this week we went out to dinner four times.  On a good note, I was able to keep my dinner choices light and only eat half of the entree so to keep the calories in check.  Nice work, Natalie.

Before I get to tooting my own horn too loudly, I have to say this week was a struggle and I definitely did not overcome.

I was over my calories 4/7 days

Guys, it is not like I get some teeny amount of calories here.  I have 1700+ which is probably overeating for someone at their goal weight.  So I planned on being indulgent on Wednesday.  It was Jeff's birthday celebration and I made a delicious cake, so yeah, I was planning to partake in all of that.  I am not sure if this event triggered the rest of the weeks indulgences.  They seem to have a variety of explanations on my part.  Wednesday morning I had to spend 2 hours in the Whataburger parking lot waiting for water to recede so I could get to my office.  In a moment of weakness I found myself in the drive thru getting not only a breakfast-on-a-bun, but a taquito to boot.  This was after I already had my egg mcmuffin.  Oh well I thought, today is my indulge day so I will just skip lunch.  I did skip lunch because I wasn't even a tiny bit hungry but ended the day about 500 calories over.

The next day our shipment of girl scout cookies came in.  Shouldn't have even brought them in the house, but it is a good cause and all that, right? Then the chicken I had planned to make for dinner hadn't quite thawed so we went out for dinner.  Friday I was too tired to cook so we ordered in dinner.  And had more girl scout cookies.  Until those things are gone, we are going to be having some problems keeping up the calorie deficits.

I am happy at least it is a new week and I can get back to my usual schedule.  I do so much better in a routine.

I haven't gotten on the rower like I had wanted

Last summer I was doing really well with my rowing routine.  I would wake up a bit early and row for 20 mins.  It was no big deal, and I hopped in the shower right after and had a normal day.  I wasn't tired or having major appetite increases, which can happen when you start an exercise routine.  It was very positive and it gave me real results - my arms and back definitely got stronger and smaller.  Shirts that were tight on me were back to normal, and I was loving it.  I got away from it once we went on vacation and I haven't bothered with it since.  I know I just need to get on there once and then I will start the momentum of the daily routine.  Waking up early is difficult if I don't make it a priority to get in the bed in the 9 o'clock hour.  I should add that to the goals list this week.

Donald Trump has got me emotionally eating

The smart thing would have been to lace up my sneakers and go to the women's march and at least get some steps in!  I haven't made the much of an effort to accept the reality of things, I keep thinking I am going to wake up and this is all a bad dream.  Maybe you think I am dramatic, maybe I am a little.  Aaron and I decided on November 9th that the only real solution was to immigrate to Canada.  It isn't totally off the table, but we are several years into the student loan repayment for Aaron's schooling and if we had to give that up it would cost us way more than we'd recover from any time soon.  So for the next seven years we are stuck in this place.  It is just hard.  I care about everyone around me and I want them to have a good life and feel safe, and have a thriving society.  Besides feeling personally victimized by this administration due to my gender, my ethnicity, and my religious convictions regarding human rights, I don't think any of the proposed policies are smart or will be beneficial to us everyday people.  The Donald is just a sleazy crook who makes my skin crawl, and the fact that 50% of the people around me thought this person was capable of leading anything makes me want to throw up.  Oh, and also, I will personally be screwed if my insurance decides I am too costly to cover.

So I feel stressed and I try to not involve myself too much.  I honestly think the identity politics that rule the day are harmful and  we have elevated politics to a religion of sorts.  Definitely not something I am trying to be a part of with so much of my energy.  Too bad for me I was feeling so bummed and out of sorts with a fresh shipment of girl scout cookies, I may have eaten about ten thin mints to make me feel better.  It didn't work.

Looking back on this past week doesn't give me a nice feeling.  I feel like I strayed pretty far from what I am supposed to be doing, and a little like I lost control at times.  I try to keep it in perspective and remember that before I started I was eating well beyond the amounts I ate on the worst days I had this week, and doing it daily.  My blood sugar levels have stayed in a good rage even with all the cookies I ate.  The week wasn't a total bust.

It is nice to know how lumpy I look in this shirt :\ someone get this gal some shapewear.  

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