February Wrap Up

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

On January 31st, I was 290.4, this morning I was 286.4, that is a 4 pound loss for the month!  It is modest, but I am happy with it since one of those weeks was a candyfest.

Here are the measurements:

Hello waistline!!

I was looking at my last wrap up post and noticed I made goals and then didn't look at them again... Lets see how I did.

February Goals

It is a short month so I want to keep it reasonable.  Just 5 pounds from my lowest January weight of 288.6 - so I will be happy as a clam at 283.  If I work hard enough, maybe I will even break into the 270's.  That would be great!
Oh me and my ambition with no follow through... I missed the mark by 3.4 pounds.

I'd like to be solidly back in the 22/2X size range.  Most of my clothes are in that size but about 50% are too tight for the moment, and I was gifted some 3X sizes at Christmas, so I should be covered (literally, lol) with enough clothes to not need to get anything bigger (or smaller) for this month and likely next.
I haven't gone through and tried on my clothes to know for sure how everything is fitting, but I feel more or less the same size as a month ago.  

HOWEVER - I am wearing the same shirt today as I was during my first weigh-in:

I can see a teeny bit of progress I think.

Move.  I need to add activity to my routine.  I know it will help the results move along and help my body get back into a nicer shape even if the scale doesn't move much.  
Haven't gotten activity in, but it is 100% happening in March.

I can't be mad at you, February!

March Goals

Keep my Lenten sacrifices of not eating pizza at all and forgoing desserts during the week.  I know this will be helpful in my weight loss efforts

Exercise 4 times per week.  I am leaving my options open whether to get on the rower, do some youtube yoga, swing the kettle bell.  Time to get moving!

I really want to challenge myself and am setting a goal to weigh 279 or less by the end of next month.  I have been losing about a pound a week, and I realize 7.4 pounds is nearly double.  I haven't been 'trying' very hard either, so to mix things up I want to really focus and be disciplined.  I won't be crushed if I don't hit the goal, but I think if I do everything (mostly) right, I can do a lot better than a pound a week.

Go through my clothing and find what is fitting and not.  Donate what I don't want.

Review the goals weekly and not only on March 31.

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