Weekly Weigh In #6

Monday, February 13, 2017

This week was FABULOUS!!  It is amazing how results happen when you do what you are supposed to do...  This week I am down 2.8 pounds from last week, and that is an increase from my lowest weight of the week.  I typically weigh myself every day just because I like to know the immediate results of my eating from the day before.  The beneficial thing is that when the scale goes up and I know I ate bad, I will get back in control instead of not knowing for a whole week.  Everyone is different though, and if you are the type to get crazy over the number on the scale, just weigh weekly or monthly, or not at all!

Wins for the week:

I lost 2.8 pounds!

I made a deal with myself last week.  I said "Natalie.  If you don't stay within your calorie range on the My Fitness Pal app, which is plenty generous, then you have to get up early and get on the rowing machine the following day. The choice is yours, but you aren't getting away scot free anymore."  Would you believe it, it worked?!  I stayed within my goals all week!  I had a 'pic or it didn't happen' moment too where I was at 284.8.

Do you like my Microsoft Paint pedicure?

What?!  It was great, and I felt really happy that I was able to stay accountable to myself.  That was a totally new feeling.

'Cheat' weekends weren't so bad

I got indulgent on Saturday.  Aaron bought cookies and we went to Chick-fil-a of breakfast, and I ended up about 500 calories over the limit.  I let myself go a little crazy on Saturdays because that is when I take my new Trulicity shot.  Friday and Saturday are the days I have the biggest appetite because the drug from the previous week has pretty much worn off and the new shot hasn't kicked in yet.  Sundays are the days I am usually not feeling so hot and eating 2 bites of anything feels like I am Thanksgiving level fullness.  So I get plenty of good eating in on Saturday and by Sunday it corrects itself.

Regardless of drug issues, I am making good choices about portions and food choices for the most part.  We spend a lot of meals eating out over the weekend (need to work on that) but I didn't go for anything terrible like fried stuff or things covered in a mountain of cheese (<3).  Even still, I am sure this paired with the not drinking as much water as I do during the week is why I am always up a bit on the scale come Monday morning.  I can't be mad about it though!

Expanding wardrobe

Okay, so I am not swimming in my clothes or anything at this point but I can fit back into shirts that were getting a little snug.  The shirt today, which I affectionately call my pioneer woman shirt (lol), was in the 'do not wear' pile because it doesn't have any stretch.  I could get it on my body, but if I needed to reach forward I would have  hulked right out of it.  But today I tried it on and it was back to fitting well.  Yay!  Tonight I may need to go through my closet and see what else may fit.

The week went well and I lost a great deal of weight, so I don't want to focus on the negatives too much.  However, this very well could have been a fluke, so it is good to know the whole picture, yes?

The ugly:

We ate out SO MUCH

I just wasn't into meal planning or grocery shopping last week.  I blame trulicity.  While it is a wonderful thing and helping me so much, it is tough just wanting to lay around on Sunday because my stomach feels whack.  I have stuff to do here.  So we got Pei Wei, then we ate sandwiches, then we decided to use out Chili's gift card, then I picked up tacos, then it was Friday, so we got a pizza.

I am not one to diss eating out, I love it.  But we should be reasonable.  Restaurant food is pretty sodium filled and you can never really be certain if your calorie counts are going to be accurate.  Not to mention I knew we'd be eating out so I would kind of starve myself all morning so I'd have 1000 calories left for dinner.  Whatever, right?  Except it is hard on my body to eat so much at once and also late in the day.  It really reflected in my AM blood sugar readings.  They were on the higher side of normal all week.

Too much sugar on the weekends

I wish my indulgences weren't so predictable.  Granted, I get housework and walking while shopping done, so maybe it gets burned off.  I didn't notice much of an increase in my blood sugar levels, but I know eating 4 mini candy bars in one sitting isn't good for me.  I am not a macros tracker person, but this is the one metric that I need to watch.

That's the rundown for this week!  Here are the progress pics:

This week I am going to stay the course but try to eat home cooked instead of all the take out.  Aaron and I's Valentines plans are low key, just going to cook a nice meal at home and hopefully not eat a bunch of candy.  The fact that I am in very close striking range of being a full 10 pounds down in keeping my willpower strong.  Here is hoping I have another successful week!

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