Weekly Weigh In #7

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

This week way waaaaaaay off the rails.  After coming off the good loss the week before, I decided to be lenient on myself this week. MISTAKE.

Tuesday was Valentine's Day and we had a beautiful meal planned.  Steak.  Scallops.  Mushroom Parmesan Flat Bread.  It is a holiday though, so I thought it fine to have a celebratory day and not fuss over the calories.  I still tracked everything, but didn't care if I went over.  Aaron bought me a pretty decent sized Russel Stover collection of chocolates, and I think that is what did me in for the week.

Guys, I can not control myself around candy.  I ate all this candy within a span of three days.  Then I was still needing a candy fix so I bought MORE candy over the weekend (it was discounted, how could I say no??).  THEN when it was all gone, I found a friggin bag of holiday M&Ms which I planned to bake with over Christmas and ate the whole giant bag of those.
Seriously, Natalie?

Oh plus, my co-worker's wife teaches elementary school and was showered with boxes upon boxes of treats which got 'donated' to us.  Every time I got out of my chair-whether to use the restroom, make a photocopy, I'd pass by the kitchen and grab a candy.  (Those did not get tracked, shame on me.)

So SHOCKER, I was 289 pounds this morning.  ::sobs::

So fine, we had our fun and crazy week, it is time to get focused.  It doesn't help that my body is gearing up for it to be lady time next week so my PMSing self wants to eat all the food in sight everywhere.

Anyway, here is the recap:

I hit my 50 day streak of logging in daily to My Fitness Pal

My MFP friends are just the sweetest too.  Always there with an encouraging word for even the most mundane of little wins.

This is really the only good to come out of the week, I am not going to pretend like it was better than it was!


I overate and basically got off plan all week

Maybe it was all the candy and steaks but I just did not care a flip about losing weight this week.  I ate everything and not even Trulicity and high blood sugar readings were going to stop me.

I think, for now, I need to approach my 'triggering' foods like quitting smoking.  I quit smoking about 3 years ago and it was probably the most difficult achievement requiring willpower I have under my belt.  Nicotine is incredibly addictive, so if you even have just one cigarette, you have to start the process of weening yourself off it all over again.  That is the main component of being successful, just like AA or anything else.  If you have a smoke or a drink, you go back to day one.  Breaking the streak is what stops your success in its tracks.

With Lent fast approaching, this may be a good time to start a streak of not eating sugary stuff that will send me into a tailspin of failure.

I also need to celebrate a successful week in other ways than giving myself license to loosen up and eat whatever I feel.

I may be down but I'm not out.  Let's get back on track and make this a good week!  Yay!

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