Weekly Weigh In #9

Monday, March 6, 2017

It is a great day!  I am at my lowest weight thus far and a mere 1.6 pounds from the 10 pounds down mark!  Excited and proud of my progress.

Great things:

Lent Began

It is Lent so I am not eating any desserts during the week and no pizza at all.  It has only been 5 days, and two were desserts are okay days, but the scale seems to have rewarded me.

I exercised!

Also a big help, I was able to get up early before work and get back on the rower.  I started slow with just about 10-15 minutes of rowing, but my muscles were feeling a difference!  I can totally see a difference in my blood sugar levels when I get exercise in my routine, so this is something I really need to stick with long term.  Not to mention I feel much more energetic and focused when I do even a little bit of movement in the morning.

I got complimented by my Mom

I went to see my mom on Sunday and she noticed I was looking a bit smaller!  That was encouraging, and she isn't the type to say stuff that isn't true just to be nice.

Needs Improvement:

I hate thinking about improving when I just had a stellar week, but alas, things are worth noting

Weekends are always a challenge

Weekends are sort of meant for letting your hair down a little, but I always feel like I go overboard.  We bought a big thing of frosted flakes at the grocery store and I was eating those all weekend long, noshing on cookies Saturday while being totally lazy and watching 100 movies on the couch, along with having dessert at my moms, then dessert Sunday night.  I didn't go crazy amounts over my calories but I can't imagine it is good to shock my system with all of that after days of eating healthfully.

Staying consistent with exercise

I got on the rower Wednesday and Thursday but I let myself sleep in Thursday and didn't do anything over the weekend when I had all the time in the world.  I even slept in this morning, so I need to get back to it and stop making excuses.  March is going to be a good month, come hell or high water!

I will be happy when that spare tire/muffin top is gone!

Now is the time where you can say a little prayer for me that I will be 283 or less next week.  I really want to be at the 10 pounds down mark.  It is already the third month of the year, I don't think ten pounds is asking so much? 

I was going to 'reward' myself with a little something for every ten pound loss I hit, but I think I want to keep it on the even 10's so once I am 280 it will be time to #treatyoself.  Any ideas for a good non-food related reward?  I will be thinking about it the next couple of weeks - March will be over before we know it!

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