Weekly Weigh In #13

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Sorry I am late!  It is the end of the month and also end of the quarter so this accountant was tied up doing inventory and month end closing the books all day Monday.  Then yesterday I wanted to just do nothing, so I did.  Fun stuff, I will spare you the exciting details, lol.

Last week went okay.  I stayed on the low carb wagon mostly until Saturday.  Saturday my Mom and brother and I went to San Antonio for the day to visit grandparents.  We started the day at McDonalds where I ate the biscuit instead of removing it, then to City Market in Luling, for the greatest BBQ I've had in a long while.  Outside of City Market a bake sale for a sick child was happening, so we bought some treats from them.  Then later we went to Oscar's for puffy tacos, and you know I ate all that goodness plus half a giant cupcake when we got back.  It is Granny's birthday, after all.

Needless to say, I was up a bit on Monday.

I am proud of myself though, Sunday came around and I got right back on the horse with no carbs.  Old Natalie would have just said we had a good run and gone back to old habits.  So, go me!

This shirt really accentuates my rolls :\

A whole pound up from last week, but I hope to get back into the swing of low carb eating this week and try to lose a pound+.  

Again sorry for the late and short post, next week will be back to normal!

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