Weekly Weigh In #14

Monday, April 10, 2017

Guys, this hasn't been a good week.  I am down merely .1 pounds, and that is because I have been having a free for all since Friday.  Thank God I didn't gain anything.  Going keto is indeed a lot like quitting smoking.  You can't just quit and have one cigarette on the weekend without going back to the drawing board and starting at zero days since my last cigarette.  Well zero days since my last carb.

Not trying to throw God under the bus, but Friday's in Lent are basically impossible to be keto AND meat free.   I take that back, totally possible, but I was so tired of eggs and cheese and peanut butter on Friday, I was like give me pizza and give it to me now.

It all starts with the negotiation conversation you have with yourself.  "If you go to Mcdonalds you can't just have egg and cheese without the muffin.  With sausage gone, that is like no calories and I will starve by 9:30. Just get it with a biscuit"  Then I was thinking about dinner "well we need to go return that bench to Target, and the new Mod Pizza is right there, and that is a good meatless option, and I already ate a biscuit, so lets just have a carbs are okay day."  Then "Well, I am having carbs for dinner and breakfast, shrimp quesadilla for lunch!"  "It is carb day, lets make it really worthwhile and get ice cream on the way home, tomorrow is a new day."

THEN - "I am going to Mom's to help with yard work, so I ought to eat the muffin on the breakfast sandwich since I am going to be active."  "Man, it was hot out there today.  A McDonalds cone would so hit the spot right now." "Yes, Olive Garden sounds great, and I was active today so pass the breadsticks."

So to round out the weekend, I ate carbs all day Sunday too.  Obviously.

I ate the friggin muffin on my breakfast sandwich today too because I was sitting in standstill traffic and was 20 mins late to work.  Thanks, someone who got in a car accident.  

And I have had a headache all day and am going to have to re-withdrawal from carbs and sugar then do it all again next week because you know I will be feasting on Easter Sunday.  

Maybe I will just count calories this week and stop being such a whining drama queen...

This week I am just going to make sure to drink lots of water, hope for the best and enjoy Easter Sunday.

Afterward I will re-pump myself up for major keto weight loss victories.

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