Calories Still Matter

Monday, September 25, 2017

I know, I know, weight fluctuates and it isn't a good indicator of progress.  However I am one of those people who weighs daily.  I don't get very emotional towards the number, it is just a good indicator of movement in the right direction.  If I am emotional about anything, it is with myself and being mad about overeating.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on my mood, it is rarely a mystery when I weigh more than the day before.

Ketogenic dieting along with intermittent fasting is pretty great because counting calories isn't necessary.  You just forgo your carbs and only eat in your 8 hour window, and things take care of themselves.  Weight will literally melt off of you faster than you can imagine!

I weighed myself this morning, and I was 275.4 pounds coming out of the weekend.  Weekends are usually not great because we eat out a bunch, I don't skip breakfast on Saturdays and I don't drink nearly enough water, but I'm never up by 2+ pounds.  I can't even blame any feminine situations, as I am two weeks from dealing with any of that.  I know what is the cause of this.  It is sugar free Russell Stover and halo top ice cream.  I was singing their praises days ago, but I think I am going too far with the indulgences.  

Russell Stover sugar free and Halo Top are great tools to have in your arsenal against weight gain.  However I think it is important to acknowledge that your unhealthy patterns are still just that.  I think when you start out, it is good to replace your habits with better choices.  Eating a bag of sugar free candy is better than eating a bag of snickers, that is just math.  However eventually you need to come to terms with the fact that eating a whole bag of candy in one sitting isn't normal or healthy.  

I don't know if I have a binge eating problem exactly, but I do find comfort in eating until I am full.  I feel warm and satisfied, and I feel like things within my brain chemistry are rewarding me as well.  Knowing this about myself, I need to be careful about what I put in my system.  Eating halo top until I am full isn't a carb-free endeavor.  I haven't researched the science behind what you can subtract out of the total carb count to stay in the keto zone, but halo top has 7g of literal sugar in a serving of my favorite cookie dough flavor.  That needs to be saved for a 'sometimes' treat, not every night and twice on weekends.  Plus all of these things add up.  Two sugar free candies are 150 calories, and I know I have polished off a small handful on the course of a Saturday.  That is basically an extra meal I am not accounting for, and the scale is showing it.  I need to get this train back on the rails.  

I was hoping by #weighinwednesday that I would be 272.something so I can officially be at my first milestone and take my reward day off from work, but I don't know if 2.5 pounds in two days is reasonable.  I want to try and cut back on the fake sweets this week, ramp up the water intake, and better stick to the noon-8pm eating window.  I've gotten too loose with that as well.  It would be so very awesome to end the month of September in the 260's.  Time to crush it!

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