Work Out Wear

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Shopping for work out clothing is the first step in exercising regularly, right?  (Keep telling yourself that, Natalie...)

It has been at least 3 years since I even entertained the idea of exercising regularly.  So needless to say, I have a handful of t-shirts and maybe 1 pair of yoga pants that make up my workout wardrobe.  It doesn't help being a plus sized lady because most everything in a store is made for the people who always exercise and are much smaller. 

Also, I am known for my cheapness in the clothing department.  I will exercise in my work slacks before I spend triple digits for a pair of yoga pants.  I'd like my 'work out' look to cost no more than $30-$40 dollars.  So here is what I have come up with...

So, plus size exercisers - tell me where you get your reasonably priced work out wear?