Weekly Weigh In #4

Monday, January 30, 2017

Apologies for the lateness of this post.  I weighed in and took all my photos on Monday but couldn't find the time to get the actual post written until Tuesday night.  Accounting life! I had month end, which is typically a busy time already plus the deadline to get tax forms out.  It was too much!

This week was sort of meh.  I weighed in and gained, which broke my heart.  I don't want to get discouraged already!  Not making excuses at all, but it is that special time in the month AND it was my anniversary Saturday and I celebrated with all the food and drinks.  The week is off to a better start thank God, so hopefully the lady time bloating will be gone and I will have a dramatic amount of pounds down on Monday.

Good Things:

I didn't give up!

This is noteworthy because after a week of being over my calories just about daily, GAINING weight, eating half a days calories over my limit on a celebratory day, old Natalie would have been done with the whole lifestyle change by now.  I messed up, so I don't want to play anymore, lets go get ice cream and pizza.  Sunday came and I reigned it back in.  Monday came and I was back to eating how I am supposed to for the most part.  I feel really proud of myself, I may actually be changing my ways.

Tracking like a champion

Let me tell you, Saturday was a feast day.  We went to our Anniversary dinner at this Argentinian restaurant which was so good.  We had appetizers, wine, fried entrees, dessert.  I-N-D-U-L-G-E-D.  I tracked every single one of those calories and I was an astounding 800 calories over the 1700 I am allotted.  I didn't even flinch, I was like yup, and snapped my fingers in the air.  I loved every last one of those calories, and I would eat them again!  I feel like I have made peace with the tracker after these 30 days of tracking.  I don't associate guilt or shame about what I chose to ate, nor do I care to lie to myself about any of it.  If I eat it, I just track it.  Over eating doesn't scare me when it is just tallied on a page.  I don't know why it ever did.

Improve, please.

Getting some activity in my life

I have been meaning to get on the rower, or swing the kettle bell around while watching TV and I just haven't.  The issue is that I never think about it until I am writing my recap posts and am like 'shoot, I should have added that to the program this week'.  Then I won't think about it again until next week.  Good intentions, right? Well right this moment I am setting my alarm for 6 AM, so by Thursday I intend to be up at on that rower.

Keeping my calorie goals

I have gotten way too lax on my calorie limits this week.  I say ' oh, it is just 75 calories over, that is no big deal', then it turns into, '250 calories over is still a calorie deficit, so it is fine just today'.  Being all loosey goosey with the calories is precisely why I am back in the 290 zone this week.  I need to do better with my portions and choose less calorie dense things throughout the day.  Totally need to reign it in on the weekends too.  I really want to stay under the calorie goals this week so I can let my hair down for 'The Big Game'.  I want all the chips and dips and wings!  And for the love of God, can we get the girl scout cookies eaten or out of the house already?!  Update - are down to half a sleeve of thin mints left as of 9:53PM 1/31/17.  (victory!)

Ok, I am two days into the week already and so far so good!  I am going to stay the course and come back strong next Monday, you'll see! ;)

I need to get some shapewear in my life.

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